Cancer Awareness Daffodil Necklace

March 02, 2018

I’m pretty excited about this piece because it is one of my first personal creations.  As I learned all the different stitches, I stayed close to the video instructions, but when I started getting comfortable, I deviated and added my own flare!

In this blog post, I’m going to share my journey of creating something new and the successful project that validated my hard work. This is the creation story of the daffodil pendant…



Ideas for Coin Jewelry

I had been holding onto a 1999 January coin for a while and wanted to make into a beaded necklace because that’s my birth month. I searched around to see if anyone else is doing this kind of beading and had a difficult time finding coin jewelry at all.

Most of the coin jewelry I found was done by drilling a hole in the coin or gluing a bail onto the back of the coin and stringing it on a chain. I wanted to be unique though and thought that by beading around the coin, I could also maintain it’s integrity.

So it was set! I was going to embroider the coin with beads without scratching, drilling or gluing.

Because the coin has such a thin edge and isn’t beveled like a stone, it was near impossible to stitch the beads on with the coin in place. It took me awhile to figure out the proper sizes, amount of beads, and the optimal order of assembly but several trials later – Eureka! I successfully beaded around a coin.

Inspiration for Daffodils

I recently learned how to make Russian leaves and was experimenting with them when I saw an advertisement for Daffodil Month with the Canadian Cancer Society.  I remembered I had some other coins with awareness ribbons on them and thought that could be a fun project!

If you’re interested in learning how to make Russian leaves, I recommend Jill Wiseman’s video on YouTube…


At first I just stitched the leaves on after the coin was beaded, but they were not very sturdy and flopped around. After many more trials, I figured out how to include the pedals as part of the coin embroidery and they stiffened up a bit.

While I was trying to figure out the floppy problem, I was also trying to decide how to make the leaves look fancier – I though they looked too plain.  I got the idea to embellish them with Swarovski® crystals and this extra step was the perfect choice! It not only added some sparkle to the piece, but also added just a little more support to the pedals so now they stand strong!


That’s all I have for now.  Hopefully my excitement for ingenuity inspires those reading this to try something new!


Keep on beading!